Zakład Mediów Elektronicznych UŁ
prof. Ryszard W. Kluszczyński

prof. dr hab. Ryszard W. Kluszczyński

Head of the Department of Electronic Media and Chair of School of Media and Audiovisual Culture
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Selected conferences and lectures

RENEW. The 5th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, RIXC, Riga, Latvia, paper: "Curating Art@Science". 


International Conference „Video Vortex # 8. Cultures, Art and Politics of Online Video", Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia, paper: "Interactive Video: from Installation to Nonlinear Narrative to Locative Media".

"International Symposium on Electronic Art", ISEA / Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey, paper: "Towards the Third Culture. Intersections of Arts, Science, and Technology".

European Culture Congress, Wrocław, Poland, panel: "Cyberiada. New culture, new media, new aesthetics".

International Conference „Current Issues in European Cultural Studies", Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden / University of Lynköpings, Norrköping, Sweden, paper: "Erased or Invisible? (Walls) United or Separated? (Europe). Images as tools of socio-political analysis".

International Conference "Towards the Third Culture. The Co-existence of Art, Science and Technology", Center for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk, Poland / Art Line, Sweden, paper: "Curating art@science".

International Conference "The Media Convergence", Ignatianum, Cracow, Poland, paper: "From Relational Aesthetics to the Art of Locative Media. Convergence of Art, Technology and Society".

"Re-live. Third International Conference on the History of Media Art, Science and Technology", Melbourne, Australia, paper: "Viewer as Performer".

International Conference "The Past is Still to Change: Performing History from 1945 to the Present", Kaunas, Lihtuania, paper: "Strategies of Re-enactment. From Artistic Appropriation to Cultural Critique".

"15th International Symposium on Electronic Art", Belfast, UK, paper: "From instrument to interactive spectacle. Transformations of participatory culture".

Shifting Paradigms in Media Art, Science & Tech Education in a Global Context / Collage Art Association Conference, Los Angeles, CA, USA, paper: "Art as Cultural Studies in the Media Context".

"14th International Symposium on Electronic Art", Singapur, papers: "Spaces of Intimacy" and "From isolation to networking. Cyber-homosovieticus in search of promised land".

"Re-place. Second International Conference on the Histories of Media Arts, Science and Technology", Berlin, Germany, 15-18.11.2007, paper: "From Media Art to Techno Culture. Reflections on the Transformation of the Avant-Gardes (the Polish case)".

International Conference „Performance and Media Art Caught Between Art History and Visual Culture Studies", University of Osnabrück, Germany, 15-17.05.2006, paper: "Interactive Art: Aspects, Histories, Forms".

"Refresh! First International Symposium on the History of Media Arts, Technology and Science", New Media Institute, Banff, Canada, paper: "Re-writing the History of Media Art: How Hypermedia Change our Vision of the Past (the case of artistic collaboration)".

"3rd International Contemporary Art Experts Forum", ARCO 05, Madrid, Spain, lecture: "Contemporary Art in the Face of Digital Turn".

International Conference „Direct Theory", Karlstad University, Sweden, lecture: "Metadiscourses in New Media Art".

"International Symposium on Electronic Art", Stockholm - Helsinki - Tallin, panel: Hybridity: Interfaces, Identities, and the Arts.

International Conference „From Theft to Virtuality: Considerations of the Meaning of Absence", Centre CATH, University of Leeds / Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, lecture: "Between Estrangement and Loss. Some Thoughts Around the Art of Vera Frenkel".

International Conference "Polyphony of voices. Contemporary curatorial strategies", Cracow, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art / Jagiellonian University, 20-23.10.2002, paper: "Presenting art practices in cyberspace".

International Conference „Polyscreen", National Centre for Contemporary Art, Niznyj Nowgorod, Russia, paper: "Media transformations of visual representations".

"International Experimental Film Forum", Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum, Vilnius, paper: "From Visual Poetry to Creativity of Machines".

International Conference "Excavation the future: the past and future of media culture", Center for Contemporary Art, Prague / Goethe Institut in Prague, Czech Republic, paper: "The Myth of Liberation, Illusion of Control".

International Conference "Avanguardie nel mondo: che fine hanno fatto?", Budapeszt, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, paper: "The Status of the Avant-Garde in the Digital World".

International Conference „Moving Images: Technologies, Transitions, Historiographies", Stockholm University, Sweden, paper: "Re-writing the History of the Avant-Garde Cinema".

International Congress „Mediation / Medialization", Wrocław, WRO / Wrocław University, paper: "Introduction to hypermedia history of twentieth century art".

International Conference "The Crossroads of Cultures", Bratislava, Slovakia, National Museum, lecture: "Centre as Periphery".

AICA Congress: "Visual Art, Visual Culture?", AICA / Goldsmiths College, Londyn, paper: "Ontological Transgressions: Art Between the Real and the Virtual".

International Conference "Visual Arts in the Cultural Context of the XX Century", University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy, Kiev, Ukraine, paper: "The Viewer as the performer. Reflections on the interactive art".

International Sympozjum „translocation_new media/art", Generali Foundation, Vienna, Austria, lecture: „Art of Media, Medialisation of Art".

Generali Foundation, Vienna, lecture: „Perspectives on Polish Media Art".

"International Symposium on Electronic Art", John Moores University, Liverpool – Manchester, paper: "Conceptual Art – Fundamentals of Hipermedia Art. Notes on Digital Aesthetics".

Skopje Electronic Art Fair, Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje, Macedonia, lecture: Dissolved or hidden? The position of the interactive artist.

"The Eighth International Symposium on Electronic Art", The Art Institute of Chicago, paper: "Art, Media, and Power".

Carnegie Mellon University, School of Art and Studio for Creative Inquiry, Pittsburgh, USA, lecture: "A Theoretical Look at Electronic Media and Art".

"Consciousness Reframed. Art and Consciousness in the Post-Biological Era. International Research Conference", University of Wales, Newport, paper: "Art of Virtual Bodies".

"Non-linear Media". International Conference, Internazionale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, paper: "(Audio)Visual Labyrinths. Non-Linear Discourses in Linear Media".

"East European Electronic Arts Forum", John Moores University, Liverpool, paper: "Internet - New Territory of Art".

"Intersubjectivity: media metaphors, play and provocation". 6th International Vilem Flusser Symposium, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, paper: "Irony and Metaphor: On Two Tendencies in Polish Media Art".

AICA Congress „At the Edge", Zagreb, Croatia, paper: "Interactive Multimedia – A New Territory of Art".

"V2 East Meeting", Rotterdam, paper: "The Past and Present of (Multi)Media Art in Central and Eastern European Countries".

"Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Art", Rotterdam, paper: "The Context Is The Message. Interactive Art As a Medium of Communication".

International Conference „Media and Ethics", Helsinki, paper: "Ethical Discourses in Media Art".

International Seminar „Clicking On", University of California, Davies, paper: "Art Between The Real and The Virtual".

„Art Conexion", DRAC, Lille, lecture: "L'art de media en Pologne et dans le monde".

Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia, lecture: "Tendencies in Contemporay Art".

The 5th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Helsinki, paper: "Interactivity and the Problem of Communication in the Context of Philosophy of Deconstruction".

International Conference "The Media Are With Us! The Role of Television in the Romanian Revolution", paper: "The Romanian Revolution in the Polish Mass Media".

Medienwerkstatt, Vienna, Austria, lecture: "Entwicklungen im Polnischen Avantgardefilm und -video.

International Conference "Under Eastern/Western Eyes: Britain and Polish Culture", University of Warwick, GB, paper: "Polish Independent Art Culture During Martial War".

International Conference "Popular European Cinema", University of Warwick, GB, referat: "Political Strategies in Polish Popular Cinema".

International Conference "FEKS and Eccentrism", Film Art Research Institute, Moscow, paper: "Eccentrism and Eccentricity: the Shifting Bounds of Art".

Numerous lectures under Erasmus program at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Academy of Visual Arts in Braunschweig, Technical University in Kaunas, Stockholm University.

Series of lectures and presentations in Polish Institutes of Culture in Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Leipzig, London, Prague, Rome.