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dr Maciej Ożóg

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Maciej Ozog, PhD, media theorist, researcher and musician. His research focuses on history and theory of media arts, panoptic / postoptic surveillance culture, information society, bio art and posthumanism. He has published a number of articles on aesthetics of interactive art, history and theory of avant-garde film and video art, and experimental music. In 2007 he received postdoctoral grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the project “Surveillance as Theme and Method of New Media Art”. The book of the same title will be published in 2013. In 2012 he has obtained a grant of the National Science Centre for the research project entitled "New Media Art as Critical Praxis”.

The founder of a number of musical and multimedia projects including: Noize Dance Esthetics, Spear (with Joanna Niekraszewicz), ben zeen (with Paweł Cieślak), Aural Treat, Sub Spa. In 2009 he started audio-visual project Nonstate. In 2012 he initiated his solo project Feral Sound Kitchen.

In 1998 he founded Ignis Projekt, the record label dedicated to electronic and electroacoustic experimental music. Ignis has released records of artists such as: Francisco Lopez, Ultra Milkmaids, Vance Orchestra, Indra Karmuka, Crawl Unit, Origami Arktika, EA and Spear.

Curator and co-curator of events such as: four editions of the exhibition "Die Kunst Ist Toth", performances by Coil, Noise Makers Fifes, Column One, Troum, Xaviere Charles, Zbigniew Karkowski, Aube, Tetsuo Furudate, Asmus Tietchens, inter alia.

Research interests:

Surveillance studies
New Media Art
Tactical Media
Bio Art

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