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29 September 2012
W ramach międzynarodowego projektu ART LINE, Gdańska Galeria Miejska wraz z Nadbałtyckim Centrum Kultury zorganizowała konkurs The Baltic Goes Digital, w efekcie którego powstały prace, prezentowane jednocześnie w przestrzeni wirtualnej i realnej – Gdańskiej Galerii Miejskiej. Tematem konkursu było stworzenie wizji nieistniejącego, wyimaginowanego „bałtyckiego miasta”.
24 September 2012
Casey _Reas
As it was already obvious in his last exhibition in Berlin, that a major cycle of Reas oeuvre would come to a conclusion, we can be curious to experience his new works, which are shown for the first time in Berlin. "For the past two years, my work has shifted away from utilizing emergent form, to more precisely defined choreography and compositions.
17 July 2012
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If every crisis is also an opportunity, then what opportunities are we failing to take advantage of solely on account of our perplexity and our unwillingness to come to terms with the changes happening now?

What we need is a broader, more open-minded perspective that enables us to peer beyond the boundaries of our habitual ways of doing things, our specialized disciplines and our conventional ideologies, and that can also visualize the pluralism and the inherent contradictions of our modern, globally networked world. A new Big Picture that is no longer from a centralized point of view and isn’t projected out of the center of a global force, but is instead a patchwork of diverse positions.